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Hello~ I'm Kin ^.^

Eh? I'm curious how you find my journal, but since you're already here anyway I assume you're interested in me and my journal. Feel free to add me and it'd be great if after doing that you send me a pm or simply just comment here so I can add you back. I'm not picky about friends, though I do hope we have the same interests or I know you personally.

Speaking of interests, I like V6 and random JE boys like Ikuta Toma, Arashi's Aiba and Nino, News' Koyama Keiichiro... and that's about all. Oh, and recently I've started to stalk Tokio too, though I'm mostly only watching Tetsuwan Dash XD

I'm also very much into games, RPGs to be exact, mainly Final Fantasy (duh!), Star Ocean, Atelier... I could spend about forty-sixty hours doing alchemy on Atelier (and forgetting the main story) just because it's THAT addicting. Too bad I'm kinda on a Atelier-withdrawal because I lost my save data on Eternal Mana where I've completed the highest possible recipe obtained mid-game... about two full weeks work gone because my pc crashed. I gained twenty more years that day T^T.

Of course I also love watching anime. In fact, if not because of my recent dive into V6 I'd be filling my days watching new episodes, which reminds me I haven't got around to finish last year series because V6 is really THAT good at making me forget that anime do exist in my world. So yeah... I'd get around to finish 'em one of these days. Probably.

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Norn9 ノルン+ノネット (Might contain spoiler from the game)

Episode 1

To be perfectly honest, I had no hope for this adaption, especially because I had played and finished the game (the PSP one) and from my understanding, except the story is heavily modified and/or the anime will have 2 cour, then I'm afraid it won't translate well into animation. Well, I was right BUT I also never expected to be impressed by such quality for an otome game anime adaption.
Long, long review ahead---Collapse )
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blue ken

Trying my scanner...

So yeah, I know we can get scans of all version of Timeless single jacket easily, but I want to try to make mine. The hardest thing is to make it so there's no obvious lines on the resulting scans. Easier said than done.

So far I only scan the front jacket of the regular edition. Let's take a look on my first try

This one is my very first try scanning while adusting the gradation of brightness in the mean time. Not bad for a first try, though I wonder why everyone's picture except Ken's turns out a bit blurry...

For comparison's sake I re-scanned the same picture as it is, meaning no adjusting brightness and gradation in the process...

Weird... But Ken's looks acceptable enough ^^

Lol, in the end I got what I wanted on the third try. It turned out pretty close to the original picture. Not dark enough but at least it's not blurry. I need to readjust the color balance a bit I think... but maybe not. I'm not sure I want them looking all pretty like in the original. You know, with the shiny pink lips and porcelain skin XD

The only thing I'm not quite satisfied yet is that I can still see lines on Go's and Nagano's pictures... Even so, this is so going to be my new dekstop wallpaper for the next several days~

Next, I'm gonna try scanning the page in the booklet with them together playing with chair :3 because I think the brown color of the chair gives a really nice balance to the whole picture... y'know, with the almost monochrome theme of the photoshoot. Before that I need to learn how to stitch two picture together because scanning them as it is is so not pretty...

Thanks for reading!

Note : I don't care what you want to do with my scans, just please don't claim them as your own ^^

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blue ken

Taking a break from all the fangirling...

Yeah, because the meanest game developer in the whole world just decided to shock the hell out of us poor gamers with the latest teaser of a... supposedly completed (?) title.

Final Fantasy Type-1. Thought they were trolling us when they bought the type-1 (and 2, and 3) domain all those years ago

Let's just let Noctis and the gang sleep for a few more years, eh?Collapse )
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I'm sorry I didn't make you something special, but I pray for your health, success, and happiness from now onwards <3 May your cute laugh stay cute and you get new golf sticks for presents. Hopefully from Ken. Or Okada. Or both. ~Kamisen love~


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Okada Junichi, Abe Hiroshi and Ono Machiko to Star Together in A New Movie

I just find some recent news articles about Okada's new movie Everest : Kamigami no Itadaki set to release in 2016.


It's a movie adaption of a novel (?) of the same title and tells the story of a mountain photographer who finds an old recording/camera that supposedly belonged to George Mallory who went missing when climbing Everest back in 1924. He then goes on a mountain climbing adventure with his friend.


Okada plays the mountain photographer Fukamichi Makoto and Abe Hiroshi plays his friend, a lone genius climber named Habu Joji. Additional cast is Ono Machiko who plays a woman named Ryoko. Filming will begin at March at Nepal.

While it's a nice news and all and I feel happy for Okada for being casted as a 'normal' person (lol), I'm slightly worried about his activities in V6, even more because this year is their 20th anniversary. I was hoping Library Wars : The Last Mission is his only other work outside V6 this year. From what I can understand he really likes the original novel and is eager to challenge Everest. That guy is in his elements here, lol... mountain climbing and photography.

Well, I'm still worried though, but as Ken once said, if it's Okada he can work things out somehow...

source :
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Weekend Face

Arashi ni Shiyagare [150101] - Leaders Gathering XD

I just have to post this coz this is super interesting. So Ohno Satoshi
was the host for this part of Arashi Ryoukan. He got super nervous when the staffs told him his guests are 'Leaders', and they are not the usual kind of leaders. Poor Ohno got nervous a lot around them.

AniSh 010115 Riida Meeting.mp4_snapshot_01.44_[2015.02.14_17.39.59]

[Leader to Leader Heartfelt Talk]It's Sakamoto Masayuki!!!! (V6), Joshima Shigeru (Tokio), and Koyama Keiichiro (NEWS), complete with the ryoukan yukata. Btw, Joshima-san looked like he just got out of bath (I think he was) and Koyama-kun really need to wear his yukata properly if he didn't like to be responsible for the massive death of his fangirls. I'll get to this later, lol.

So after taking commemorative photos of proper leaders of Johnnys group,AniSh 010115 Riida Meeting.mp4_snapshot_02.26_[2015.02.14_17.51.46] (Janii~~zu!)
Ohno then was set to take their order, which was fish dish <3 This's gonna be good!

Okay, so I skip straight to the kitchen where Ohno was butchering (lol) the fish with the other four watching. See the white noodle-like thing under the fish? It's raw daikon/radish goes well with sashimi (at least for me) because the slightly bitter taste complimented the jelly-like structure of sliced sashimi really well. Oh yeah, it's also delicous deep-fried, too <3.

AniSh 010115 Riida Meeting.mp4_snapshot_04.46_[2015.02.14_17.56.48]

AniSh 010115 Riida Meeting.mp4_snapshot_05.33_[2015.02.14_18.03.09]

Ohno kinda struggled separating the fish from the back bone... So Sakamoto-kun showed him who's the boss, err... I mean, he showed him how to do it properly... which is harder than it looks if done without experience.

AniSh 010115 Riida Meeting.mp4_snapshot_05.40_[2015.02.14_18.06.34]
(Oi, Don't look at me!) Lol

AniSh 010115 Riida Meeting.mp4_snapshot_04.53_[2015.02.14_18.10.58]

Oh yeah, fyi, Sakamoto is hosting his own cooking segment on a morning program (Fuji TV's Non Stop). It's called 'One Dish', and if you're a fan of cool men cooking delicious food, then go watch it! There's also an episode with him in a staring contest with a kitty in the market. Lol, not really...

AniSh 010115 Riida Meeting.mp4_snapshot_05.45_[2015.02.14_18.09.49]

*coughs* Ok back to the recaps. Since the part after this are all about them enjoying the fish (oh, and Ohno apparently went around to get Sakamoto-kun's favorite drink, itaru? couldn't hear what he said properly, sorry) and doing toasts with each other, I'm going to skip right to the part that's the most interesting here.

AniSh 010115 Riida Meeting.mp4_snapshot_08.09_[2015.02.14_18.22.17]
Sakurai Sho (in the little box at the upper right corner) commented what exactly was in my thought the first time watching this, "This's gotta be interesting~"

Basically they just talk about a member of the other group who they really want to be a part of their own group. I'm especially paying attention to Ohno's answer here...

First up is Tokio's Joshima Shigeru.

AniSh 010115 Riida Meeting.mp4_snapshot_08.16_[2015.02.14_18.27.46]

Unexpectedly (for me), he wanted V6's Okada Junichi because he really admired his work in Eien no 0. He praised Okada-kun a lot here and papa Sakamoto-kun even added in his two cents about what people around him think about that movie. Speaking of Eien no 0 and Okada, I wholeheartedly agree about how the two of them feel after watching the movie. It's a masterpiece and possibly Okada's greatest achievement to date. If I'm not wrong, Okada already got two Best Actor award for his role in Eien no 0 (Nikkan Sports and Hochi Film Awards) and even got double nominations in Japan Academy Prize awards for Best Actor (Eien no 0) and Best Supporting Actor (Higurashi no Ki). The Japan Academy apparently will be announced later this month >.< *crosses fingers*.

Moving on from Okada Joshima, next we get to hear that Ohno wanted Tokio's Matsuoka Masahiro for reasons I couldn't understand.

AniSh 010115 Riida Meeting.mp4_snapshot_08.59_[2015.02.14_18.40.58]

I half expected Ohno to say he wanted Okadacchi (a reference of 2013 Golden Week VS Arashi where Okada guested as part of Library Wars casts) in his group because apparently they were pretty close at the short amount of time they were in dorms together (before Okada was moved into the hell room that was Go and Ken's room, lol >.< for debuting as Coming Century/V6). Speaking of Ohno and Okada, Ohno was supposed to be part of Kamisen/V6 in the beginning? I really wonder what would it have been were Ohno part of V6. Does that mean Okada would be in Arashi?

I think, if Okada were part of Arashi, he wouldn't be as successful/known as an film actor as he is now because Arashi's group activities are... numerous. He might be in a lot of dramas I guess, which is not always a good thing, because dramas oftentimes put popularity and rating first, and rarely acting skill. Meanwhile, I feel for Ohno if he were part of Kamisen. He would get bullied a lot XD. No one can handle both KEN and GO at the same time. No one except Okada and that's only because he's the chill tempered kind of guy who really can't get annoyed over anything. Oh yeah, and he spazzes out a lot so he probably wouldn't realize that he's being pranked. Ohno would... pout (lol) and not speak with them for the rest of the day, which is cute <3.

We didn't get to hear about who Sakamoto-kun wanted in their group (such a shame...) but Koyama-kun insisted he's fine with his current members. Considering what have happened with NEWS from the time of debut to present I kinda expected that answer.

AniSh 010115 Riida Meeting.mp4_snapshot_09.17_[2015.02.14_18.40.17]
(Everything's OK)...such a good Leader T^T

AniSh 010115 Riida Meeting.mp4_snapshot_09.45_[2015.02.14_19.07.38]

*laughs* please ignore the above screencap.

Suddenly Joshima-san brought up the topic of how Sakamoto-kun (and Tonisen) had it the hardest during the time of V6 debut.

AniSh 010115 Riida Meeting.mp4_snapshot_10.17_[2015.02.14_19.13.20]

I feel bad for Sakamoto-kun (and Nagano and Inocchi too) but I couldn't help laughing the whole time they were talking about this XD. So the album jacket for V6 debut single (Music for the People) apparently focused more on the three Kamisen boys and Tonisen's photos were... super small in comparison.

AniSh 010115 Riida Meeting.mp4_snapshot_10.51_[2015.02.14_19.16.00]

I know Inocchi got slightly annoyed with this from his 2009 SCP interview. But it really couldn't be helped since it's part of marketing I guess and Kamisen are younger and were introduced (as Coming Century/Kamisen) way earlier even before they debuted as V6... Around that time Tonisen were conveniently called 'Adult Group'? Lolololol >.< . Inocchi even got angry with Johnny when he was told that him, Nagano, and Sakamoto were to be called 20th Century. Johnny even said Coming Century represented the upcoming century?/trend in music and that got Inocchi even angrier coz didn't it mean that they (20th Century/Tonisen) only got 4 years (it was 1996 when Tonisen were first introduced) to go while Kamisen still had 104 years...

Lol, sorry I seem to steer off topic there. The next scenes doesn't offer me anything terribly interesting to recap. But you get to hear how Sakamoto-kun quit Johnny's after turning twenty and even worked as salaryman for several years before going back into the agency. He said it was partly thanks to Tokio's Kokubun Taichi he was able to come back (thank God for that).

The last part has Joshima and Sakamoto-kun in a karaoke duet of a song I don't recognize. THEN all present Leaders sang the song Hero together (I like Joshima's voice here) only they changed the lyric 'Ima koso kimi wa, hontou no HERO' into 'Ima koso kimi wa, hontou no LEADER'!!! Such a fitting song for the best leaders ever led the best Johnny's group to date <3 <3 <3

AniSh 010115 Riida Meeting.mp4_snapshot_16.38_[2015.02.14_19.41.22]

At last, Ohno presented them omiage and the already developed photo they took at the beginning... very touching.

AniSh 010115 Riida Meeting.mp4_snapshot_17.46_[2015.02.14_19.51.24]

I love them all (even though I hate Johnny's) and their groups. They're the real idol group (of Johnny's) with real talent imo. The recent groups debuting after NEWS are kinda... messy in both member arrangement and group sense/style. I dunno how to describe it but you just have to compare the performance quality of the senpai group with the younger group... particularly V6 coz they're really the only group in Johnny's with the un-Johnny's-like presence that is really easy to love. I know several people who refused to indulge in anything slightly Johnny's because their idol appearance is too... overwhelming it feels fake. It's like, they're trying too hard to fit their image into a certain type.

So yeah, I think their point is... Johnny's shouldn't let greenies debut just because they have cute face or something like that. What's more, don't make them singer when apparently they suck at singing (I'm not pointing finger to any group here). I fear for the future of Japan music industry (and Johnny's) if this thing keeps up.
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Watching old GEI clip...

I finally got around to watch the GEI episode with Inocchi's wedding announcement. Oh how I cried when watching them...

[Gakkou e Ikou MAX] (2007.10.16) Inocchi Wedding SP.avi_snapshot_10.40_[2015.01.25_09.46.15]

[Inocchi, omedetou~]I didn't cry because my idol got married with someone (the fanatic fan reaction), I cried watching the other fans reaction at their concert tour. It was beautiful. I know Inocchi himself didn't expect the fans to accept his marriage so easily, but seeing them actually happy with Innochi getting married, wholeheartedly wishing him all happiness, THAT made me cry.

[Gakkou e Ikou MAX] (2007.10.16) Inocchi Wedding SP.avi_snapshot_08.02_[2015.01.25_10.36.55]

If I wasn't glad to be part of V6 fans before, I sure as hell am now.

It's actually the first time I found such fans. Idol fans are considerably different than other kind of celebrity's fans. They rarely see their artist as a person, rather an object to be worshiped. H/she belongs to no one and everyone amongst fans (if it makes any sense). So I didn't expect that kind of reaction for a marriage announcement of an idol, which is, in my opinion, the biggest decision a person can have in a lifetime.
Take for an example the marriage of a Korean boyband member the previous year sorry, I don't know his name since I'm never into Korean music or entertainment industry. My facebook account was flooded with posts like 'I hope that day will never come', 'I don't want him to get married' among the tame ones.
Sure, Inocchi at that time might not be as popular as Okada, and his image personality is this kind, playful person, or even a family man, imo. but to still be accepted as idol by fans even after he married someone (and if I may mention, his wife is soooooo beautiful XD), and even more his popularity rose so much from before, it's all thanks to his fans, and V6 fans in general. They support them as V6, and more than that, they support V6 members as a real person.

I might even consider myself a fan of V6's fans after that, lol.

The circumstances when he announced his marriage reminds me somewhat of V6 OMG MC collection where Inocchi said that Okada had something important to announce. Honest to god, the very first time I watch it I thought he was going to announce his marriage. With him being all 'I'm gonna announce it here, in my hometown', that's the only thing I can think of. Too bad it's nothing of the sort. Now I wonder if it really was a marriage announcement, would the fans react at the news the same way they did with Inocchi's?
If it's me, I'll definitely cry because my ichiban has finally found his happiness and has his dream fulfilled (I think I read/watch somewhere that his dream is to build a family, have children and grandchildren and basically just being there with his family). I hope when that day come, his fans will still support him the same way Inocchi's did. I know I will, and I hope that day is soon.
Eh... somehow this post has turned from an Inocchi's post into an Okada post... I think I'll end this before it turns into an essay or something...

[Gakkou e Ikou MAX] (2007.10.16) Inocchi Wedding SP.avi_snapshot_08.23_[2015.01.25_10.44.34]

Oh yeah, while Tonisen are teary eyed with the fans reaction,

[Gakkou e Ikou MAX] (2007.10.16) Inocchi Wedding SP.avi_snapshot_08.20_[2015.01.25_10.44.23]

Kamisen definitely needs to learn to read the atmosphere...

[Gakkou e Ikou MAX] (2007.10.16) Inocchi Wedding SP.avi_snapshot_08.56_[2015.01.25_10.44.02]
[Gakkou e Ikou MAX] (2007.10.16) Inocchi Wedding SP.avi_snapshot_09.00_[2015.01.25_10.43.20]
[Gakkou e Ikou MAX] (2007.10.16) Inocchi Wedding SP.avi_snapshot_08.58_[2015.01.25_10.38.05]

Inocchi, I wish you even more happiness with your growing family :). Congratulation for your first baby girl XD. Now you have a set~ Kinda curious how his kids look like with a kind and good looking papa and super beautiful mama :3
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Considering doing some interviews recap...

I'm currently obsessed with V6 guesting at various programs. Some are interesting enough that I keep on re-watching them over and over.
I noticed a lack of Eien no 0 promotion guesting at v6-unlimited so I decided to hunt for them. I get several clips from a friend, most of them are laugh-inducing XD. I'll try recaping a few for my personal enjoyment (and those few people who actually bothered to read my journal, lol). Mind that I have very limited understanding of spoken Japanese and no skill at all at written one.

Here's a teaser (?) screencap of the most amusing one~
Meringue no Kimochi [131214].mp4_snapshot_23.05_[2015.01.19_23.46.50]
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